How to Create a Blog on Blogger

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This article will tell you how to create a blog on blogger. Blogger is now a company by google. This blogger allow you to make your own website free. Blogger will not ask you to pay any cents for making any blogs. But if you want to go pro, you have to pay certain amount.

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There are several advantages of using blogger for blogging, they are :

  • Blogger is free forever.
  • Blogger is easy to operate.
  • Blogger is easy to find by google.
  • Blogger enable us to modify the blog template freely.
  • Blogger allow us to put advertisement on the blog.
  • Blogger makes the google adsense approval easier and faster.

With those several advantages, I think there are so many people want to know how to create a blog on blogger. They want to create a blog in blogger. If you want to know how to create a blog on blogger, please follow these following steps :

  1. Go and visit
  2. If you have email account in google, you can simply log in.
  3. If you do not have email account in google, you have to “create account” first.
  4. Now if you are signed in, you can start to create a blog.
  5. Click on “New Blog”.
  6. The Screen below will come up. how to create a blog on blogger
  7. Fill the “Title”.
  8. Fill your desired “address”.
  9. The complete address of your blog will be with ““. Eg
  10. Choose one of the available default Templates. Later, you can modify the template as you want.
  11. After that, you can click “Create Blog!”.
  12. Now, you simply have a blog. Congratulation!

After finishing those steps above, you will be in the Dashboard or Overview of your blog. This is nice. From now on, you can start to post your articles. You can start to post your pages. You can manage your comments of the blog. You can set it to be integrated to Google +. You can see and analyze the stats of your blog. You can start applying to get money from Google Adsense after your blog is qualified. You can also set the layout of your blog in this dashboard. Then you can go for other general setting by clicking on “setting”.

I think this is for now. I hope this article about “how to create a blog on blogger” helps you. It is nice if we see somebody shares what they think and what they can to help others by blogs. So, start and keep blogging!

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