How to Create a Filter in Gmail

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This article is about a guide how to create a filter in gmail. Creating gmail filter is really easy and quick. You can do it by simply following the steps that I will write down below.

As we know that we use email to send and receive messages from all over the world. These messages are realy various. You can get email for newsletter subscription or promo subscription from specific department store for specific brand. If you do not create gmail filter in your gmail, all of the messages will be in Inbox. If the amount is so many, it will be hard to find a specific email. That is exactly why we have to create gmail filter for our emails.

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How to Create a Filter in Gmail? Follow these steps :

  1. Log in to your gmail by clicking
  2. If you do not have gmail account, click HERE.
  3. After you are logged in, click “Create Label”. how to create a filter in gmail
  4. This label is based on the emails you want to filter. If you want to filter all emails from google, then you can name the label as “google”. or anything.
  5. Fill the Label name form, then click “Create”. At this time, you should have a specific label you want to use. how to create a filter in gmail 1
  6. Now, click “Manage Label”. 
  7. Then click “Filters and Blocked Addresses”.
  8. Click “Create a new filter” at the bottom of the label table.
  9. Fill the filter form based on what you want to filter. If you want to filter all email from example@gmai, you can put that email in “from” form. Then click “Create filter with this search”. how to create a filter in gmail 2
  10. Check the “skip the inbox (Archive it).
  11. Check the “Apply the label” and choose label “google” (this is the label that we created before, remember? how to create a filter in gmail 3
  12. Then check “also apply filter to ## matching conversations”.
  13. Then click “Create Filter”.

If you follow those instructions above about how to create a filter in gmail carefully, I am sure you can do it. The instructions I wrote above is only for the basic setting. You can try the other rules as shown in the pictures above. You can match the rules based on your need. By managing your gmail using filter, you can help yourselves to make your gmail more organised. I hope this informatio useful. Please subscribe for more articles. Thanks for visiting.

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