How to Cure Diarrhea Naturally

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How to Cure Diarrhea Naturally – I was suffering from Diarrhea and I didn’t know what to do to cure this. Some people probably also do not understand how to cure Diarrhea naturally. For an active worker, Diarrhea is really troublesome. It causes the victims feel weak and not comfortable. The victims will go to bathroom very often.

How to Cure Diarrhea Naturally

So, I went to some internet surfing the found some nice methods to cure this. To cure Diarrhea naturally, we can do this following methods :

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix Apple Cider Vinegar with Juice or Water. Put at least 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and repeat until the symptoms of diarrhea disappeared.

Turmeric and Warm water
Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric with warm water. Turmeric can soothe the stomach, balance the digestive system, and increase healthy flora in the gut. The dose should be repeated every day until the diarrhea cured.

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Stay away from milk, eggs, and wheat from the daily diet
Alternatively, switch to foods like soy milk. After recovering from this situation, you can gradually return to consume these foods.

Drinking black tea or tea bitter
Tea can be an efficacious drug for diarrhea. If you do not like it because it tastes bitter, you can add two tablespoons of honey every one cup of tea. Drink black tea, raspberry, chamomile, ginger, and blackberry tea between meals in order to stabilize the stomach and prevent dehydration.

Drinking Water
During diarrhea, the body secretes a lot of fluid so it takes an additional supply of fluids by drinking lots of water. Consuming enough water to avoid dehydration is a must. Try to drink water, fruit juice or clear water.

Stay away from consuming alcohol
Just don’t drink this! It’s absolutely not good for your body.

Simply Break
You can control the diarrhea with adequate rest. Stay away from sleep late and wake up too early. Adequate sleep can help you cure diarrhea naturally.

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