How to Get Driving License in Saudi Arabia

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As expatriate living in Saudi Arabia, I need Driving License so much. It is impossible to live in a country without driving license. So, this article is about How to Get Driving License in Saudi Arabia.

17 How to Get Driving License in Saudi Arabia

How to Get Driving License in Saudi Arabia

If you want to know how to get the driving license in Saudi Arabia, please follow the steps below :

1. Prepare this following documents :

    • Iqama, Passport and home country driving license
    • Medical Test (Blood Type & Eye) Result
    • Recognition Letter from the Kafeel
    • Photo (3 x 4)cm = 6 pcs
    • Driving License Form (got it on the spot)
    • Green (must be green) Document Binder (bought it on the spot)

2. Go to Dallah
It’s better to come earlier in the morning. It’s very crowded.

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3. Test Phase 1
This test is only for basic things. The jury will ask you to move the car forward and backward and other simple things. If you pass, they will give you an “Alif“, if not, can be “Jim” or “Ba‘ “

4. Checking the requester files and purchasing for a traffic course
The ones who pass the test and the ones who don’t, will go to different places. If you pass, you will pay SR 100, if don’t you will pay SR 475 (please check the current price)

5. Attend the Courses
You should go to the courses you were suggested. Follow the course diligently.

6. Test Phase 2
At this time, you will be tested with Computer Test and Practical Test. The Computer Test is only for theory. The Practical Test is for testing you in driving. You should pass, if you don’t, you will pay again, SR 50.

7. Taking The Driving License
If you pass the test phase 2, you will be given a schedule to take your Driving License.

The Driving License (only) costs are different based on the duration. For 2 years, it will cost SR 80. For 5 years, it will cost SR 200. For 10 years, it will cost SR 400.

The steps (How to Get Driving License in Saudi Arabia) that I write above are inspired (with several changes) from ahlanriyadh[dot]com.

Good Luck!!!

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