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How to get Primavera P6 certification? This article will help you to get Primavera P6 certification easily. Primavera P6 certification is really important for engineers working in project management. If an engineer has the Primavera P6 certificate, he or she is recognized as project management specialist. This will automatically add his or her value in his career as engineer. Below is a guide how to get Primavera P6 certification.

How to get Primavera P6 certification

00 How to get Primavera P6 certification

Primavera P6 scheduling certification is done by following several activities to test the qualification of the engineers. Before getting the Primavera P6, the engineer should follow Primavera Certification Courses, then this engineer should attend the test in which he or she must answer all of Primavera P6 certification exam questions.

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Certifications provide you a good value by helping you grow expertise in implementing this solution. Help foster team collaboration, allocate resources, track progress and more. Here are the three steps to get certified in Primavera P6

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  1. Choose a certification to pursue based on the technology area that interests you.
  2. Prepare for your certification exam by taking recommended courses with Oracle University.
  3. Once you identify which certification to pursue & have taken any course(s) that may be required, it’s time to register.

Oracle’s primavera p6 professional project management training can be access by going to the link below:

Primavera Project Management Training 

In the link above, you will find the way How to Get Primavera P6 certification. After following the courses and the exam, if you manage to pass all of them, you will be granted as Primavera P6 enterprise project portfolio management 8 certified implementation specialist.

The Oracle Certified Specialist certification shows to everybody that you have the foundation knowledge and skills to apply and work with Oracle key products.

Beside the Primavera certification courses held by oracle, you can find Primavera certification anywhere in the world. Primavera Certification courses in India you can get it in Primavera Training Bangalore. Primavera Certification courses in Pakistan, you can get it in ICBT. Primavera Certification courses in Indonesia, you can get in Netcomlearning. Primavera certification courses in Saudi Arabia, you can get it in Knowledge Academy .

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