How to Hire Maid in Saudi Arabia

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This article is about How to Hire Maid in Saudi Arabia. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about How to Hire Maid in Saudi Arabia. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

How to Hire Maid in Saudi Arabia

How to Hire Maid in Saudi Arabia

Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are allowed to hire a housemaid if they have business occupations as per their Iqama (residency), otherwise they cannot apply for a housemaid visa. There are many agencies that specialise in facilitating a maid hire. Expatriate investors have a special facility to get a maid visa from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).

Those whose Iqamas are in the category of the following professions are not eligible to apply for a housemaid visa:
– Farmer
– Labourer
– Driver
– Watchman

The applicant of the housemaid visa must be married if he is a male, and his salary must be more than SR6000. The applicant must give his requirements for the maid to the agency regarding:
– Her age
– Nationality
– Religion
– Language

Thereafter the agency will proceed to find a housemaid for the client.

The agency will also require the following information from the client:
– Number of family members
– Pets
– Children

The client will also have to agree on the working conditions for the house maid in terms of:
– How many hours she will work
– Salary
– Living and other conditions

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Housemaids from the following countries commonly work in the kingdom:
– Sri Lanka
– Indonesia
– Philippines
– Kenya
– Nepal
– Morocco
– Cambodia
– Egypt
– Vietnam

The agency will organise the visa, airline ticket, Iqama, however it is the client who is the sponsor and is responsible for the maid when she moves to the Kingdom. The agency charges will be between SR6000 and SR9500 to bring in a house maid and the process can take 3-6 months.

The maid’s salary depends on the regulations of her government and where she is from. Usually salaries vary anywhere between SR550 – SR900 for the salaries.

Requirements for the maids visa:

• The sponsor’s salary must be above SR6000

• Obtain the application form from the Maktab Al-Istaqdam and fill in the current professional status i.e. businessman (Muthtasmer or Ragul Amaal). After the completion of the required documents by the Maqtab Al-Istiqdam office, the office will confirm the visa at the same time.

• Attach the sponsor’s certificate, recommendation of the expatriate’s conduct/ professional status/ salary/ reason for needing a housemaid/ Iqama copy/ valid passport copies attested by the respective chamber of commerce, and two photos.

• After obtaining permission from Maktab Al-Istaqdam, one has to pay SR2000 for the housemaid’s visa which takes a maximum of a week or two to obtain.

• After the visa is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is sent to the maid’s country along with the Power of Attorney or POA to any agent for getting his/her passport stamped.

Update May 2015: The Ministry of Labor announced that individual sponsors can now apply directly to their local labour offices for housemaid visas. Previously, only private recruitment offices were allowed to apply for visas through agencies in countries abroad.

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