How to Lay Pavers

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This article contains steps How to Lay Pavers. Working in landscape works, we cannot stay away from Pavers. Pavers are one of important elements in Landscape Works. Interlocking Concrete Pavers is chosen other than asphalt or bitumen, because it is easier to work with. Beside, Interlocking concrete pavers can support the water conservation. This means good for green construction. How to Lay Pavers ?

How to Lay Pavers ? Read these following steps :

  1. Sort the pavers which will be laid.
  2. Set up the benchmarks for leveling and location.
  3. Level the sub-grade based on the design, make it compact.
  4. The compaction quality should meet the CBR Test.
  5. Install the Curb at the edge of the area.
  6. Pour sand for base layer based on the design, make it level.
  7. Use peg and yarn for guiding the pavers installation.
  8. Use nails to ensure that the pavers is in a same level.
  9. Lay the Interlocking concrete Pavers based on the guidance (which made by peg, yarn and nails).
  10. Fill the interspace between the interlocking concrete pavers with sand.
  11. Trill the laid pavers, make sure that the pavers are well fixed.
  12. Clean the laid interlocking concrete pavers surface.

The result of the work after following the “how to lay pavers” above will as follow :

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Example for Interlocking Concrete Pavers Installation Result (how to lay pavers)

Example for Interlocking Concrete Pavers Installation Result.

I hope this information about How to Lay Pavers useful for you. You have to bear in mind that when you lay the interlocking concrete pavers, the pavers should lay on sand. It is not a good idea to lay the pavers on clay or silt soils. If the natural soils in the location is silt or clay, it is important to compact the natural soils and put the sand layer on it. If you insist to lay the interlocking concrete pavers on a silt or clay soils directly, the pavers shape will not longlasting. This is considering the silt and clay engineering properties that we wrote in the last post.

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