How to Lose Body Fat

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In this article, I will show you how to lose body fat fast. These ways are based on my true experience, which means good. These methods are already proven by me.

Losing body fat is important for our friends who are a little bit over weight. This is because having too much body fat is quite bad for the body. Some of our friends browsed about how to lose body fat fast but they found nothing. Well, I think they should try to do these methods that I will mention below.

If you want to know how to lose body fat fast, simply read these following tips :

Tip how to lose body fat fast #1.
Eat only what you need.

Don’t eat until you are full, but eat until you are not hungry. This is the basic thing you must put in mind. You have to control yourselves. It is good for you to know that a person will not die if he / she does not eat for one week. So, you have to try to reduce the quantity of your eating porsion.

Tip how to lose body fat fast #2.
Do some sports.

I like running. Almost everyday, I run at least 2 miles. This makes my body burns. I can feel it. To prove that the body burns, you can simply put water on your fatty body part, if it turns red, and you feel a little bit itchy, that means it really burns.

If you do not like running, you can simply do regular crunch/sit up. Do it regularly. 10 minutes in one day. Each day do that at the same time. If today you do crunch/sit up at 5 pm, it is better for you to do it tomorrow at 5 pm too. This will make your body fit to the work out. If you find the work out is easy, increase it a little bit times to times. Do it regularly. Try to enjoy it. You can play some of your favourite musics to help you in a good spirit.

Tip how to lose body fat fast #3.
Don’t eat before sleep.

You must sleep at least 3 hours after your last meal. This will help you burn the fat fast. This is super important. Or if you succeed with that, you can try to stop your eating before dawn. Eat only when the sun is up.

Tip how to lose body fat fast #4.
Drink Water.

Drink only water. It is the best. If you are hungry at times you should not eat, drinking makes you feel satisfied. Do not consume colored drink or a kind of cola. Fresh water is the perfect choice for healthy life. Water give you better than any other kind of drinks.

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Tip how to lose body fat fast #5.
Do food combining.

This really works for me. The most basic thing about food combining is that you should not mix the food you eat carelessly. You can google about this. There are a lot of charts about food combining available. It is really easy to find. This Food Combining makes your eating habit become good. If you do it correctly, you will your body light and surprisingly easy to move. You will feel energetic.

Tip how to lose body fat fast #6.
Drink Lemon to Start the Day.

Everytime you wake up in the morning, you should drink lemon. When your stomach is empty, drinking lemon is perfect to improve the effectiveness of your losing body fat fast effort. This will make your digestive system in your body works very well. No need to add sugar in this drink. At the first time you taste this, it will be quite not convenient. When you are used to it, it will be super delicious.

Lemon Drink Picture - how to lose body fat - credit pict caretvgh,com

Lemon Drink Picture – how to lose body fat – credit pict caretvgh,com

I think those 6 tips how to lose body fat fast is enough. I did those methods before and they works perfect for me. Everytime I take my annual vacation, I increase my body fat up to around 10kgs. Then when my annual vacation finished, I did the how to lose body fat fast tips above. It is always a success for me. So, I think it is good for you to try it too. And I hope you succeed this effort. Fight!

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