How to Make Concrete : a “Do It Yourself” Guide!

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How to make concrete? This is a guide that you can follow easily. In this guide you will be guided step by step to make your concrete. Making concrete structure is easy if you can follow these steps. These concrete that we want to make is concrete for all concrete structure, in general. At least, this will be suitable concrete for your house structure.

If you want to know how to make concrete, please simply follow these following steps :

How to Make Concrete

1. Create a Project Design.
You have to decide the area that you want it to be concreted. Provide the design by building up a plan, and write in all measurements.

2. Get all of the materials.
For ordinary concrete for your house, you will need Portland Cement Type I, masonry sand or any sand which is clean and gravel or crushed limestone. The amount of the materials are based on your need.

how to make concrete - concrete materials

3. Get all of the tools.
The tools that you need are concrete mixing container, shovel and other masonry tools. Mainly you will need only the concrete mixing container and shovel only.

how to make concrete - concrete mixing tools

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4. Build the formwork.
The formwork will help you to contain the wet concrete. To make this formwork, you can use timber boards. You have to brace the boards securely, ensuring that they are strong enough to support the weight of the concrete. Check that the form work is level.

5. Mix the cement and sand.
Prepare the dry mix by mixing the cement mix and sand. There are a few common mixtures and methods for concrete preparation.
Mixture 1: A basic mixture for mortar (not concrete) is made using a 1:2:3 ratio of water to cement to sand by volume.
Mixture 2: General purpose concrete is created using a 1:2:3 ratio of cement to sand to gravel by volume.

6. Add water.
Begin by adding water to the mixture slowly, mixing continuously until the concrete becomes plastic enough to place in your form.

7. Mix the concrete.
Continue mixing until the concrete has a uniform consistency. The texture should be even throughout the mix, with no pockets of dry material. Continue mixing for two or three more minutes to begin the hydration process, which is ultimately what causes the concrete to harden.

8. Pour the concrete to the formwork.
Pour the concrete slowly and consistently. Try to use concrete vibrator if you have one. The concrete vibrator helps us to make the concrete spread evenly to all of the area of the concrete formwork. This will avoid a “honey comb” in you concrete.

9. Let it dry and finish it.
After floating, leave the concrete alone until it becomes firm enough to finish without leaving tool marks. Lay out “knee boards” or pieces of plywood that you can walk on without sinking into the concrete. Crawl onto the slab with the appropriate hand tools and finish the concrete into a smooth surface. After the concrete is placed and finished, cover it and protect it from extreme temperatures and rain for a few days.

How to Make Concrete Video Guide

If you still feel missing of something about the guide above, you can watch this video for your knowledge :

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