How to make fried rice, easy and practical

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How to make fried rice. One of my favorite foods is Fried Rice. This food is very special in Indonesia. Some Indonesians are crazy about fried rice. There are several different methods of fried rice cooking. This different methods are based on the location or culture of a tribe. Fried rice has been a signature dish in Indonesia. This kind of rice is really loved by Indonesians. When the night comes and the rain falls, eating fried rice is super nice option for Indonesians. The hot and full of vegetables one is my favorite. If you come to Indonesia, you should taste Fried Rice.

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Actually making fried rice is quite simple and easy. If you want to know how to make fried rice, simply follow these steps :

  1. Prepare all of the ingredient (White Rice, Chicken Egg, Vegetables, Chicken Meat, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Salt and Frying Oil)
  2. Mince the Vegetables (Carrots, Nuts, Cabbage or anything you like)
  3. Boil the Chicken Meat, then mince it into pieces
  4. Mince the Garlic
  5. Boil a spoon of oil on a frying pan
  6. After the oil’s hot, put the minced garlics, chicken meat and vegetables on the pan then stir them all, but don’t let them overcooked/don’t let their colors change
  7. Put a side the stirred garlics, chicken meat and vegetables, the pour the chicken egg with salt on the oiled pan and stir them, don’t let it overcooked
  8. Put the Boiled Rice onto the pan then stir it along with the garlics, chicken meat, vegetables, eggs.
  9. Use small fire only
  10. Pour the soy sauce onto all of materials on the pan then stir them well until the color of the rice is uniform
  11. Taste it, if you think you need anything, add as you like

If you find yourself difficult to follow the how to make fried rice steps, just be creative! hehe

So, here is the picture :

how to make fried rice

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