How to Make Iqama for Newborn Baby in Saudi Arabia

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My first daughter was born in Saudi Arabia. She was born at Saudi German Hospital, Jeddah. In Saudi Arabia, newborn baby should get an iqama (residence permit). How to make iqama for newborn baby in Saudi Arabia ? please do the following steps :

First Step
Visit, then click “Civil Affairs“, then click “Book an Appointment“. This is to make the appointment with Ahwal Madani. Don’t forget to print the form from MOH (Form 87). You can simply ask the officer from the hospital your kid was born, or download it from (Link)

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how to make iqama for newborn baby in saudi arabia

Second Step
Get all of the important documents, such as birth certificate from hospital, father and mother iqama copies and father and mother passports. To be safe, please ask the officers in the hospital about this documents, they know better.

Third Step
Go to Ahwal Madani office in town. Don’t forget to bring the documents stated in “second step”, form 87 and “appointment coupon”.
You can get the birth certificate in the same day.

I hope this information useful.

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