How to Make WBS in Primavera 6

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This article is about How to Make WBS in Primavera 6. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about How to Make WBS in Primavera 6. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

How to Make WBS in Primavera 6


Where can I do this?

If you have the required privilege, you can add, modify, or delete WBS elements on the Projects > Activities page.

To display the Activities page, open the project or project group you want to work with, then click Activities on the Projects toolbar.

Before you begin

To add, edit, or delete WBS elements, whether you are working with a single project or a group of projects, you must be working in an Activities view that is organized based on all levels of the WBS hierarchy. In the view drop-down list on the Activities toolbar, this type of view is identified by this icon: icon representing WBS.

Either select this type of view from the view drop-down list or, if necessary, create one.

Tip: An Activity View that does not use grouping features or a view that is grouped by fewer than all levels of the WBS hierarchy is identified with this icon: activity icon. When this type of view is displayed, the ability to add WBS elements is unavailable.

Add WBS elements

  1. Select the existing WBS element you want to add a sibling or child to.Except for the top level element of the WBS hierarchy, which represents the project, you can add a WBS element at the same level as an existing element (sibling) or at a subordinate level (child). At the top level of the WBS, you can add only child elements.
  2. To add a sibling element, press Shift+Insert.To add a child element, on the Activities toolbar, click icon to add WBS(Ctrl+Insert).In the new WBS row that is added, edit the code as necessary.
  3. Add additional WBS elements if required, up to the maximum number specified by your P6 administrator. Then, to save your changes, click icon to save changes(Ctrl+S).

Modify WBS elements

To reposition an element in the WBS, select the WBS row. Then, from the Move menu (Up arrowDown arrow) in the toolbar, click the appropriate arrow.

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Horizontal arrows change the level of an element in the hierarchy. Vertical arrows change the position of an element within its current level.

To edit WBS details such as code or name, select the WBS row. In the Activities toolbar, click icon to display details. Edit as necessary, then click Save and Return.

Delete WBS elements

To delete one or more WBS elements, select them and click icon to delete a project element (Delete) on the Activities toolbar.

If you attempt to delete a WBS that has activities associated with it, you must specify what you want to do with the activities

  • To delete the WBS, but reassign its activities to the parent WBS, choose Merge.
  • To delete both the WBS and its associated activities, choose Delete.

After choosing an option, click icon to save Activities tab changes (Ctrl+S) to save the changes. Or, to cancel your changes and return to the original state, click icon to cancel changes to Activities tab (Ctrl+Z).

Note: These two options also appear if the WBS has both activities and planned resource allocations. However, resource allocations cannot be merged. Regardless of the option you choose, the planned resource allocations are deleted. For this reason, when a WBS has planned resource allocations but no activities, these options do not appear.

Quick Steps: Create an Activity View

  • On the Activities page, click Customize Activity View on the Activities toolbar. The Customize Activity Views dialog boxdisplays.
  • To create a view for managing the WBS, on the Grouping tab, in the Level 1 field, choose WBS. In the To Level field, choose All. Specify other grouping options as desired.
  • On the other customize tabs, choose options for data columns, filter, Gantt chart, and view access as necessary.
  • After customizing a view, from the Activity Views menu on the Activities toolbar (Customize Activity View Down arrow), you can either update it to reflect your changes (choose Save View) or retain the original view and create a new view that reflects your changes (choose Save View As).

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