How to Paint Concrete Patio

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How to paint Concrete Patio? This article will help you to do it by giving you good step by step instructions with picture. We hope this can be useful for you. Check it out!

How to paint Concrete Patio

Putting paint on concrete patio is good idea. If you decide to put good color and life to a dull, gray concrete patio, make it up with good paint. You can put good paint the concrete patio to match the color of your house or to add a nice contrast that helps set your patio apart.

When concrete patio is painted well, your colorful concrete patio will be able to last years.

Tools in how to Paint Concrete Patio

Cleaning solution.
Clear sealer.
Outdoor paint.
Paint roller with long handle.
Paint tray.

How to Pain Concrete Patio Step by Step Instructions

Step 1 – Cleaning the Concrete Patio

Completely clean the concrete patio to get any dirt and debris away from the location. You will not want anything reduce the quality of the paint and the surface, or blending in with the new paint.

To get a good quality of concrete patio cleaning, you can some mild detergent and mix water, and then you can scrub it over the concrete patio with a broom or a long-handled scrub brush. Ensure that you thoroughly rinse all of the soap away and let the concrete patio to dry.

After the concrete patio dry, it is better to use a good quality broom or shop-vac to take away any dirt and dust that still could have been left behind.

Step 2 – Applying the Exterior Paint

If you choose a high-quality exterior paint which is specialized for use on concrete patio, you will have no trouble in covering the concrete patio surface. Any paint products commonly tell us if they can be used for outdoor use and what kind of surfaces they can be applied best on.

To start painting, completely mix the concrete paint and pour it into the tray. You better use a long-handled paint roller to get good results.

Do not be doubtful of applying many coats of paint. This is because many thin coats is much better and stronger than a single thick coat. Do the painting based on the manufacturer’s instructions on the paint can for drying time before starting a second coat.

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While you can get away with one coat, working with more coats will make the concrete paint stronger and more durability to peeling or chipping in the future.

You must let the concrete paint to completely dry before starting a new phase. Based on the type of paint you are using, this may take as long as 24-72 hours. If you want to apply a second color paint as a border or decoration, you must apply it right after the first colordry.

Step 3 – Cleaning the Patio Again

Clean the concrete patio once again with a slightly damp cloth or mop. This can help you take away any debris or dust that has settled since the paint is dry. Let the conrete patio surface to dry for three to four hours. After that you can start applying your clear sealer.

Step 4 – Applying the Clear Sealer

Pour the clear sealer into a clean concrete patio paint tray and roll it onto the concrete patio with your paint roller. Let the clear sealer to dry for an hour or two between subsequent coats.

It is different to the paint, you can put as much sealer as you want. You can work with as many coats as you can. The more coats of clear sealer that you work with, the stronger and the more durable the finish will be. Let the concrete patio surface to completely dry before anybody walk on it.

In the process, you can use a plastic tarp to cover the concrete patio to make sure that it does not get wet from rain or anything, but ensure the tarp does not really touch the concrete.

how to paint concrete patio

That’s all about How to paint Concrete Patio. We hope you enjoy this article. Please help the others by sharing this article to your community. If you need more article related, subscribe. Thanks.

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