How to Paint Wood Panel or Furniture For Interior

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The Earth contains about one trillion tonnes of wood, which grows at a rate of 10 billion tonnes per year (Wikipedia). We use wood for so many furnitures or windows and doors. Here is How to Paint Wood.

how to paint wood paneling

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Wood Painting Tools :

  1. Protection Paper/Plastic Sheet.
  2. Smooth and Coarse Sandpaper.
  3. Scrapper.
  4. Paintbrush.
  5. Cloth.

Wood Painting Materials :

  1. Putty.
  2. Prime Paint.
  3. Wood Paint.
  4. Wood Material.

How to Paint Wood :

  1. Clean the surface of the wood from dust or anything using cloth or sandpaper.
  2. Protect the other materials nearby the wood to avoid misspaint.
  3. Use the scrapper for applying the putty to the wood, wait until dry.
  4. Smooth the wood which is applied with putty using smoth sandpaper.
  5. Check the smothness.
  6. If it is smooth enough, apply the Prime Paint.
  7. Make sure the result is smooth.
  8. Apply the Wood Paint specified by the consultant and wait until dry.
  9. Ensure that the result is smooth, without any kind of dott.

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