How to Retrieve Gmail Password? Read This!

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This article provides you a tutorial how to retrieve gmail password. This is really important. Because sometimes people forget. People can forget where they put their keys. People can forget where they put their pens. So, it is really possible that you sometimes forget what is your password. When you forget your password of Gmail Account, you need this tutorial how to retrieve gmail password.

How to retrieve Gmail Password? Follow the steps below :

  1. Open your browser and visit You will see the login page of Google Mail.
  2. If you find difficulties in signing in, you can click “Need Help?”.
  3. You will be asked “Having Trouble signing in?”.
  4. You have to answer with the three possible answer, they are : “I don’t know my password”, “I don’t know my username” or “I’m having other problems signing in”
  5. Choose based on what the difficulty you have.
  6. If you forget your password, “I don’t know my password”, you have to write your email to the form available and click “continue”.
  7. You should then enter the last password you remember. If you do not remember, click “I don’t know”.
  8. You will have to provide another email associated with your account. This email is actually set in your account setting before. Or it is set when you create gmail account at the first time. If you have associated email, write it down to the available form then click “continue”.
  9. You will then be asked about your google account. “When was the last time you were able to sign in to your Google Account?” and “When did you create your Google Account?”.
  10. You will then be asked again about your security question. (you can skip this question).
  11. You will then be asked about the Email addresses of up to five frequently emailed contacts.
  12. You will have to name of up to four labels in your email.
  13. You will have to answer “What’s the first recovery email address you remember?”.
  14. You will have to answer about other google products that you use.
  15. Then click “Submit”.
  16. The password will be sent to your associated email that you mentioned.

I have to warn you that you have to answer all of the interview questions accurately. If you cannot answer the question accurately, then you have to say “good bye” to your Google Email. For security and in case you will loose your gmail password, you can set security or associated email or cellphone number in your account. This is absolutely important. I hope this tutorial about “How to retrieve gmail password” useful for you. I am really glad if I can help. I hope you find your valuable password back. Have a nice browsing!

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how to retrieve gmail password

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