How To Stain Concrete Patio

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This article is about how to stain concrete patio. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about how to stain concrete patio. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

How To Stain Concrete Patio

If you want to stain concrete patio, the concrete patio should be unstained and unpainted. Concrete characteristic is porous and once it gets stained it has basically been sealed.

Tools and Materials to Stain Concrete Patio

If you want to stain concrete patio, you will need these following tools and materials:

  • 4″ paintbrush
  • 9″ tear-resistant deck paint pad
  • broom and hose
  • bucket of water
  • concrete stain (water-based)
  • handle for paint pad (attach to telescoping rod)
  • paint pan
  • rag (for any spills)
  • tarp
  • telescoping rod

Determining the Concrete Patio Color

You can refer to the manufacturer’s color list as a manual to choose the color you want for your concrete patio. There are so many option for concrete stain. You can choose any types you want to fit your soul. For this topic, we have worked with a semi-transparent stain which seems to be like a kind of watercolor when we applied. For more coverage, we suggest you to choose an opaque stain. Try to do a small area test on the concrete patio you want to work with. This is to ensure that you will get the best results you want. Please make sure that you always study the manufacturer’s guide on the stain material container for any specific considerations when you are about to use their product.


You have to remove all furniture and other miscellaneous objects (planters, etc.) from the area of the concrete stain. Remove all loose particles and residue from the concrete patio by using a kind of broom and hose. If you find anything stick to the concrete patio, you can scrap them off as you want. After finishing the cleaning step, you have to let the concrete patio to dry naturally for 24 hours.

Concrete Staining Work Instructions

If your cleaned concrete patio has dried, you can start applying the concrete stain:

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  1. Put your paint pan on the tarp and start pouring the concrete stain into the paint pan.
  2. Using your paint brush, apply the concrete stain through the perimeter boundary and at all seams.
    how to stain concrete patio 1
  3. Start applying the concrete stain over the rest of the concrete patio with the pad.
    how to stain concrete patio 2
  4. Use the seams as natural divisions to work in.
  5. Stay in only one section at a time so you can keep control on blending without it drying too quickly.
  6. Once most of the concrete stain is out of the pad, use what is left to feather (soften) the boundary from your previous strokes before you add more stain to the pad.

You have to take note that parts of the concrete patio should absorb the concrete stain differently. Rust spots may finish darker than the rest of the area you are staining. You can fill any holes or uneven areas in the concrete, but the fill will absorb the stain more quickly and be darker than the un-filled areas.

Do not apply the concrete stain in direct sun. It is better to wait for a cloudy day or apply it when the concrete is covered in shade. The stain will dry much more quickly in the sun and will not give you much time to blend your strokes.

Placing the Furniture Back

The concrete stain must be dry to the touch in four hours. You have to Wait until approximately 24 hours to place your furniture back on the concrete. The concrete stain can scratch it off if you drag the furniture over it, for this, you have to be really careful.

So that is all about how to stain concrete patio. We think that it is good information about how to stain concrete patio. We hope that this information is useful for you. Please share if you think that this information can be useful for others. If you need more article related to how to stain concrete patio you can simply subscribe this blog. Thanks for visiting and have a nice browsing.

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