How to Transfer Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is a great country for expatriates. This country provides a big variety of jobs. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to change of transfer your sponsorship (naqeel kafalah). Somebody maybe says that he knows how to transfer sponsorship in Saudi Arabia, but the reality, can be different.

how to transfer sponsorship in saudi arabia

I have to remind you that in Saudi Arabia, our passport is brought by the sponsor (Kafeel). This means that the Kafeel is fully responsible whether the employee will be transfered or exit.

Before transfer, you have to ensure that you are selected in one new good company. Good company means that the company should be able to provide you visa. This is very important. If your new company can’t give you visa, it will be nightmare. I want to tell you that visa application process is very difficult. This process is really complicated.

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You should also check your company nitaqat, if it is red, you can transfer easily, if green : super difficult.

To transfer to the new company, you should build a good relationship with the top authority in your current company. He/She will be responsible for the decision whether you can transfer or not. If the boss say “Yes”, you should not stop there. Please ask for several months for transferring process. Usually, the given time is one month, but actually, this is not enough. Ask about this respectfully and intelligently. This is quite complicated. You should always follow up the process very dilligently. This process is quite difficult.

There will be a charge for this. The price for the transfer is same as usual visa, which is SAR 2000. This is usually covered by the new employer.

Well, if you can exit then come back with new visa, it will be much easier. But I think you understand that every way has consequences. So, take care….

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