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Travelling in Saudi Arabia is really nice. If you are an expat working in Saudi Arabia, you should not stay at your home all the time. Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country if you want to learn more about it. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, which makes Saudi Arabia rich in attractions as it is in stirring symbolism. Since Saudi Arabia is one of the most difficult place to visit on earth, you should be grateful if you are living in Saudi Arabia. Do not waste your time sitting in your chair at home. You should travel around Saudi Arabia.

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madain saleh travel in saudi arabia


There are many beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia. To access those beautiful cities, you need several key places which allow you to start your adventure in Saudi Arabia. Here are some cities to start your travel from.

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Riyadh – the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom.
Abha – a summer tourist mountain resort city in the southwest.
Al-Ula – planted between two mountains in a palm trees-filled valley, this small city contains a pretty old town, an old station from the Hijaz Railway, and the sandstone houses of Mada’en Saleh, the most important settlement of the Nabataeans, second only to Petra.
Jeddah (Jeddah) – nicknamed the Bride of the Red sea, it is a large metropolitan city with an outstandingly beautiful old town and an amazing waterfront. It has historically served as the gateway to Mecca and still holds that honor containing the closest international airport to the Holy City.
Mecca (Mecca) – the historical and spiritual heart of Islam, it contains the ridiculously vast Holy Mosque, parts of which are thousands of years old.
Medina (Medina) – the capital of the first caliphate and the site of the Prophet’s Mosque, where he and his family are buried.
Najran – a remarkable fortress.
Rijal Almaa – a stone village with tall buildings accented in gleaming white quartz.
Taif – the historical summer capital where the royals and common folks flocked during the hot months of summer. Home to Souk Okaz, mountain resorts, and the beautiful Shubra Palace, the summer residence of King Abdulaziz. It is also known for its fruit, especially its prickly pears.

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From the key cities above, you can search for your next destination . There are a lot of interesting spots on those cities. And besides those cities above, you can try to go to Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali) – one of the largest sand deserts on earth. And also Madain Saleh – Ruined Nabataean city similar to Petra in Jordan.


To get to the destinations above, you need a good transportation. Basically if you have car, it will be super easy for you to travel in Saudi Arabia. But if you do not want to use your car, you can use SAPTCO (City Bus that connect cities in Saudi Arabia). Since the distance between cities in Saudi Arabia is quite far, you can also travel by using airplane. The airplane fare is generally affordable.

There are many car rental in Saudi Arabia. The cost of the rent is quite affordable. So, this is good alternative also.

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We suggest you to travel with your mates. Do not travel alone. The country itself is quite safe, but travelling with friends will be better.

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