How to Update Progress in Primavera P6

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How to Update Progress in Primavera P6

How to Update Progress in Primavera P6

Updating your projects in Primavera to reflect the actual work performed is a two-step process.

  1. Record work progress, or actuals.
  2. Update the project data to reflect the reported progress, referred to as Applying Actuals.

Step 1: Recording progress

Depending on your needs, you can choose to record progress using one or more of the following methods.

  • Record progress for individual activities or resources by entering status data you have collected.
  • Using Primavera Timesheets, collect actual data from resources.
    Before Timesheet data is applied against activities and used to update the status of a project, it can be approved.
  • Automatically calculate progress based on the plan.
    For individual activities, resources, and expenses, you can specify an option to estimate the progress of work based on the schedule plan. If this option is turned on, when you update the project, Primavera calculates the expected progress from the previous data date to the new data date you specify. For information about using this option, called auto-compute actuals.

Step 2: Updating the project

To update a project so that it reflects current actual and remaining values, run the Apply Actuals process.

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Note: To Apply Actuals, you must have the Primavera Job Service installed and configured for the database you are using.

When you Apply Actuals, Primavera updates actual and remaining values to reflect current progress on the project as of the specified Data Date.

  1. Open the project or group of projects you want to work with in the Projects section.
  2. Click Project Tools on the Projects toolbar to display the Tools page.
  3. If multiple projects are open, choose the project you want to work with from the Select Project list.

Note: If a single project is open, the Select Project list does not appear. When multiple projects are open, the Select Project box lists all open projects you have rights to access. Any action you perform, and all data that appears on the page, applies to the selected project only.

  1. Select a new Data Date.
  2. Click Apply Actuals to Project.

Tip: If you do not have the required project privilege, the Apply Actuals link is disabled.

Your request is submitted to the Job Service and listed in the Job Status table at the bottom of the page.

To update and review the status of the job at a later time, click Refresh.

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