How to use google drive? Follow This Tutorial!

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How to use google drive? We will write about this below. Google Drive is a free cloud storage which is provided by Google Inc. Based on my experience in using this Google Facility, there is no limit for the size. This storage is super nice. Google is super good in giving its service to all people in the world.

There are several advantages of using google drive :

  • Google Drive provides free storage.
  • Google Drive provides unlimited storage size.
  • Google Drive has a super easy and simple user interface.
  • Google Drive can be used by any smartphones.
  • Google Drive can be used by any PCs or Laptops.
  • Google Drive allows you to share your files and photos to your friends easily and practically.

Do you want to know how to use Google Drive? Follow this guide below :

  1. Open your Browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Log in using your Gmail Account.
  4. If you do not have any Gmail Account, click HERE to create Gmail Account.
  5. After log in to Google Drive, you will see this screen. how to use google drive
  6. On your left side, you will see several tabs (New, My Drive, Shared With Me, Google Photos, Recent, Starred, Bin)
  7. On your right top side, you will see several tabs to arrange or to sort your uploaded files.
  8. On your left top side, you will see another “My Drive” under the “Search Drive”
  9. “New” is for uploading new files.
  10. “My Drive” on the left side is to see your uploaded files.
  11. “Shared with me” is to see your friend’s files which are available for you.
  12. “Google Photos” is to see your uploaded photos from your android device.
  13. “Recent” is to see your recent documents.
  14. “Starred is to see your starred/marked or important files.
  15. “Bin” is to see your deleted files.
  16. Another “My Drive” on left top side under “search Drive” is to upload new files based on several options. Here is the picture. how to use google drive 1
  17. “Google Docs” is to make a kind of Microsoft Words Documents.
  18. “Google Sheet” is to make a kind of Microsoft Excel Documents.
  19. “Google Slide” is to make a kind of Microsoft Powerpoint Documents.

The above explanations about how to use Google Drive is the first things you have to understand. You have to be able to know each function of each component of Google Drive. I think the explanations above is enough.

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To make it simple, here is how to upload files to Google Drive :

  1. After you are logged in to Google Drive, click the “My Drive” at top left side of the screen.
  2. If you want to make folder, click “New Folder”.
  3. If you want to upload files, click “Upload files” and browse your files.
  4. If you want to upload files in a folder, click “Upload Folder” and browse your folder.
  5. Click “Open” then wait until the uploading process is finished.

To Share files from Google Drive, follow these following steps :

  1. After you are logged in to Google drive, go to my drive and search your files which you want to share.
  2. After you find the file, Click the file.
  3. Then see the tabs on your right top side.
  4. Click “Get Link” if you want to share by getting the link.
  5. Or you can share directly by the other option.

I think those guides about “How to use Gooogle Drive” above are enough. You can explore all of the functions and facilities in Google Drive by yourselves later. If you install the Google Drive in you android phones, you the way you can use Google Drive is almost same. So, enjoy it! I hope this article useful for you.

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