Hydraulic Jacked Pile Driving Works (Methods)

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This article is about Hydraulic Jacked Pile Driving Works. This pile driving method is unique. Civil Engineer or anyone working in construction world should know this method. Here is How the Hydraulic Jacked Pile Driving Works done.

Hydraulic Jacked Pile Preparation.

  1. Preparing hydraulic jacked pile.
  2. Marking the piles  for each segment.
  3. Recording date of marking.
  4. Final setting pilling plan.
  5. Pilling work sequence plan.
  6. Determining the pilling and marking.
Hydraulic Jacked Pile Driving Device

Hydraulic Jacked Pile Driving Device.

Hydraulic Jacked Pile Driving Methods :

  1. Setting and Placing V-Pile on pilling position which have been determined .
  2. Lifting the pilling and placing it between the Hydraulic Device.
  3. Placing machine horizontally by level set of Hydraulic device and placing the pilling vertically by leveling waterpass.
  4. Jacking each segment into the ground while reading the pressure on manometer in each meter depth untill maximum depth of soil .
  5. Lifting up the jack and putting the dolly on top of pilling then countinue with step 4.
  6. Releasing the dolly, and lift jack up then welding the connection.
  7. Cutting off the top pilling till pile cap level.
Hydraulic Jacked Pile Driving Works Methods

Jacked Pile Driving Works Methods (Sequence).

Quality Control :

Pilling condition :

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  • Condition of pilling structure should not be cracking.
  • Concrete period are required.
  • Top of pilling should not be cracking for pilling work.

Tolerance :

  • Check the piles periodically for pilling work. Deviation of vertical direction of pilling less than 1:75 and horizontal direction less than 75 mm.

Penetration :

  • Before pilling work done, marking it at each 0,5 m along pilling to check penetration of pilling work. Record number of pilling blow each 0,5 penetration.

Final set :

  • Pilling work stops if it reaches planned level.

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