Indonesia Tourism : 5 Places to Visit in Surakarta, Indonesia

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This time, I want to start talking about Indonesia Tourism .  I will start from my hometown, Surakarta. Surakarta (often called Solo and less commonly Sala, is a city in Central Java, Indonesia of more than 520,061 people (2009) with a population density of 11,811.5 people/km2. The 44 km2 city adjoins Karanganyar Regency and Boyolali Regency to the north, Karanganyar Regency and Sukoharjo Regency to the east and west, and Sukoharjo Regency to the south. On the eastern side of Solo lies Bengawan Solo River. The city is the seat of Surakarta Sunanate kraton (palace/court). Together with Yogyakarta, Surakarta is the heir of the Mataram Kingdom that was split into two kingdoms in 1755. (wikipedia)

This small city has several nice places to visit, here are five of them :
1. Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat / Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta

29 Keraton Surakarta

Keraton Surakarta is also called as the Palace of Surakarta Sunanate. This palace was founded by His Majesty Pakubuwono II (Sunan PB II) in 1744 as a replacement for the Palace in Kartasura which was ravaged when Geger Pecinan happened in 1743. The last palace of Mataram kingdom was established in the village of Sala (Solo ) , a small port on the west bank of Bengawan Sala . After the official palace of the kingdom of Mataram was built, the village name was changed to Surakarta Sunanate . The palace was the mark of the transfer of sovereignty by Sunan PB Mataram Kingdom II to the VOC in 1749 . After Giyanti Agreement in 1755 , the palace was later used as the official palace of Surakarta. The palace building complex still serves as residence. Sunan palace royal tradition has been running to this day. This place is located approximately at (7°34’41.3″S, 110°49’38.5″E).

2. Pura Mangkunegaran (Mangkunegaran Palace)


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Pura Mangkunegaran is a palace residence of Sri Paduka Mangkunagara in Surakarta. it was built in 1757. The architecture of this building has the same properties as the Keraton, which has pamedan, pavilion, pringgitan, palace, and kaputran, which are entirely surrounded by strong walls. This Pura was built after the Treaty of Salatiga who started the establishment of Praja Mangkunegaran and two years after the implementation of the Giyanti Agreement which stated that Java administration divides the teritory into the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and the Sunanate of Surakarta by VOC (VOC) in 1755. Kingdom of Surakarta was separated after Prince Raden Mas Said continued to struggle on the VOC and the supporting Sunan (King) established his own kingdom in 1757. This place is located approximately at (7°33’59.4″S, 110°49’22.5″E)

3. Taman Balekambang (Balekambang Park)

29 balekambang-2

Since 2008, the park was officially opened as city forest. Visiting this complex of more than five acres, we can enjoy the atmosphere which is really different, it’s really nice and natural. We can find dozens of trees which are hundreds of years old. This place is located approximately at (7°33’09.2″S, 110°48’26.3″E)

4. Museum Radyapustaka (Radyapustaka Moseum)

29 radya pustaka_museum

The museum was founded during the reign of Pakubuwono IX by Raden Adipati Kanjeng Sosrodiningrat Kepatihan IV in the palace on October 28, 1890. Kanjeng Raden Duke Sosrodiningrat IV has served as Patih Pakubuwono Pakubuwono IX and X. The museum then moved to its current location, the building Radyapustaka Museum in Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Solo, on January 1, 1913. At that time, the museum building was the residence of a Dutch citizen named Johannes Busselaar. This place is located approximately at (7°34’07.2″S, 110°48’51.2″E)

5. Windujenar Antique Market

29 Pasar-Windujenar Market

It is called also as Triwindu Market. In this place we can find so many antiques. This place is located approximately at (7°34’08.9″S, 110°49’20.5″E)

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