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Iqama Expiry Date can be check online on moi gov ksa. This article is about how to check Iqama expiry date ( iqama expiry date) . First, let’s talk about “why we should check iqama expiry date”. As you know, Iqama is the Arabic word of Resident Permit in Saudi Arabia. We can use this Iqama for living in Saudi Arabia peacefully.

Iqama Expiry Date Check

Nowadays, the Jawazat is really super strict. I saw my friends were captured by Jawazar Officer because they didn’t hold the Iqama. They are working in Saudi Binladin Group (RPD). They are legal worker. When the Jawazat Officer came to them, they can’t show their iqama. They have the “Temporary Iqama”. Temporary Iqama is a letter that says that the person’s iqama is being renewed. Jawazat officers don’t care about this letter.

iqama expiry date query moi sa

Seeing these workers did not hold iqama, the Jawazat Officer sent them to Sumaisy. Sumaisy is a place (prison like) for illegal workers in Saudi Arabia. They will be processed based on Jawazat procedure. The workers’ company will be called by Jawazat to confirm the legality of these workers. If they’re confirmed as legal workers, Jawazat will release them. If they can’t be confirmed, they will be sent to they’re home country.

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So, in order to avoid such case, we should be very careful. We have to check our Iqama renewal status online. We can check our Iqama expiry date in MOI website  or making query iqama expiry by clicking HERE. Then go to “E-Services“. Then go to “Passports“. Then go to “Query Iqama Expiry Service“. Fill in the form, then you will be able to know your iqama expiry date.

Many expatriates do not know that actually if we want to do iqama expiry date enquiry, we have to go to Ministry of Interior website, not Ministry of Labor website. If the link provided above is not working, you can try another one below:

query iqama expiry service


If you made it to go inside the website and you find your Iqama expiry date is changed or renewed, then it’s good. It means that you will received your new Iqama soon inshaAllah. When the above case happen to you, you can tell to the Jawazat officer about this by check it online with your smartphone.

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  2. hannah says:

    I thought iqama is valid only for 1year… Then renew again.. How will i know if its expire already?

  3. Randy says:

    sir can u check when my iqama expired 2347121283

    • Harbun says:

      Dear Bro,
      My access is limited here.
      I suggest you to register yourself to moi website, then you will be able to do the query iqama expiry easily.

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