What to Prepare Before Iqama Renewal (expatriate in Saudi Arabia must do)

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Iqama Renewal

April 2014. My iqama is being renewed, it’s really annoying. I’m surprised to know that when the iqama is renewed, we can not use any facility in the bank. When our company take our iqama for iqama renewal, our bank account will be closed. The money will freeze.

So, I suggest you that before your iqama is renewed, please take some cash with you. The iqama renewal will take approximately 1 week until 2 months. It depends on your company nitaqat status. The better status, the faster you will get your iqama back in hand.

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You have to make sure to get temporary iqama from your company with iqama copy. This is just in case if the policemen asked to show your iqama while being renewed.

I hope this information useful for you.

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