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How to check Iqama expiry in Saudi Arabia? Iqama Status Check can be done by following the steps which are arranged in this article. It is important for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia to do Iqama Status Check to find out his or her iqama expiry date or iqama validity check. This is to help you in the future. So that if there is Jawazat officers come for iqama status check, you will be safe.

Iqama Status Check

To do Iqama Status Check for the moi ksa iqama expiry date you have to follow these steps below :

1. Go to website
The link above is the official website of Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia.

2. After reaching the website, you have to enter your IQAMA NUMBER and confirm the image code. Image code is to make sure that you are human. Then Click on VIEW.

Now I am sure that you can see your iqama expiry date or your iqama validity. Here is the picture for example.

iqama status check iqama expiry date iqama validity

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If you find any difficulties in doing the above steps, you can follow the alternative steps below:

Go to visit the website
Select ENGLISH for the language.
Search the ELECTRONIC INQUIRIES on top menu, near the Eservices.
Click on ELECTRONIC INQUIRIES, select PASSPORTS on the left side tab. This will lead a extension “QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICE
Click on QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICE, then you will find two boxes.
Fill in the IQAMA NUMBER with the Iqama Number you want to check.
Fill in the IMAGE CODE in the other box, as seen.
Click on VIEW. This will give you the Iqama Expiry Date or Iqama Validity information.
The result will be on top of your data with format : YYYY/MM/DD. This date is in Hijriyah.

For illustration, you can check the picture below.

iqama status check iqama expiry date iqama validity moi

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You should be able to do Iqama Status Check for your Iqama Expiry Date or Iqama Validity now. If you find difficulties in doing this, please tell me. We will be glad if you send us feedback.

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