Jarir Bookstore, an Iconic Bookstore in Saudi Arabia

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49 Jarir Bookstore, an iconic bookstore in saudi arabia

This is actually an ordinary bookstore which hold the motto “not just a bookstore”.

I am not trying to tease the Jarir Bookstore management, but this is actually an ordinary bookstore. In Indonesia, there is a bookstore which concept is like Jarir also. So, it is not quite special.

But, in Saudi Arabia, it is quite iconic. Why? the way it sells the books and all of other office needs and games is amazing. It manages each section of the store very well.

This bookstore interior is really clean and neat. The employees? perfect. They are the most not racist employees in Saudi Arabia. They serves all of the customers at the same level of service. To them, the customers are the kings and the queens. So, they are super nice.

Jarir bookstore doesn’t sell only books. Maybe, that’s why the motto is “not just a bookstore”, it sells computers, mobile phones, office needs and even game consoles also.

The way the Jarir Bookstore management manages the store is quite exclusive, that’s why although the people knows that in other places they can find cheaper things, Jarir’s service is quite interesting. We can say that almost no other company in the Kingdom serves the customers like what Jarir does.

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This iconic bookstore, I fully recommend it for you.

*this writing is based on my experience, any differences in future will not be my responsibility.

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