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Jawazat Fees information is really important. This article is about Jawazat Fees for its Services. Jawazat Fees for its Services are various. Saudi Jawazat serves so many services for the citizen of expatriates in Saudi Arabia. The existence of Jawazat is really important in Saudi Arabia. It serves Domestic Worker Visa, Permanent Family Visa, Single Exit Re Entry Visa, Multiple Exit Re Entry Visa, Final Exit Visa, Iqama, Transfer Sponsorship, etc.

jawazat fees

Check Jawazat fees list below:

Saudi Visa Services Fees

Domestic Workers Visa Fee Sr 2300/- .
Permanent Family Visa Fee Sr 2000/- .
Single Exit Re Entry Visa Fee Sr 200/- And Sr 1000/- (If Not Used Without Cancel).
Multiple Exit Re Entry Visa Fee Sr 500/-.
No Fees For Final Exit Visa.

Jawazat Iqama Fees

First Iqama Fee For Domestic Workers Is Sr 600/- (Sr 500/- Iqama Fee + Sr 100/- Work License Fee).
Jawazat Iqama Renewal Fee For Domestic Workers Sr 350/- (Sr 250/- Iqama Renewal Fee + Sr 100/- Work License Fee).
First Iqama And Renewal Fee For Employees Working In Businesses Sr 650/- (Sr 500/- Iqama Fee + Sr 150/- Human Resources Fee).

Transfer Of Sponsorship Fees

For First Time Sr 2000/- .
For Second Time Sr 4000/- And Sr 6000/- For Third And More.

Iqama Profession Change Fee

Sr 1000/-.

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Extension Of Family Visit Visa Fee

Sr 100/-.

If you want to check iqama renewal fees or check iqama fee status, you can review the information about Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia. We hope that this information is useful for you. If you are interested in more article related to Jawazat Fee for its Services, please subscribe. Thanks for visiting this website. You may want to read these following article too :

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