Jeddah Airport History

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53 Jeddah Airports History

Jeddah Airport have significant role in receiving the pilgrims of the Holy Masjid and Visitors to the City of Prophet (Peace be upon Him).

The old airport of Jeddah is the first airport established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to to the south of Kandara in the 1940s. In 1981, after urban expansion witnessed by the city of Jeddah, the government decidedto establish another airport away from residential neighborhoods (north of Jeddah) to establish King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

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King Abdul Aziz International Airport is the largest airport in the Middle East and fourth globally in term of the area, which is 40 square miles. It includes three runways, 3650kms each, three passenger lounges and separate building for pilgrims.

The airport receives annually more than two million pilgrims and about ten million pilgrims. The sky of Jeddah is barely free from landing or taking off planes. Hence the name of Jeddah was originated as the “Gate to the Two Holy Masjid”.

Pilgrims coming by sea receive a good hospitality by officials. Also, they receive warm hospitality in a building adjacent to the port allocated for pilgrims to take a rest after they traveled long distance before heading to Makkah.

With the same warm hospitality, pilgrims by air are received in the King Abdul Aziz International Airport, especially after the establishment of an integrated city to serve the pilgrims.

This city is truly integrated in all respects as it has seasonal markets, restaurants offering a range of diverse cuisines in addition to large masjid and a large number of small musholla as well as modern toilets and information and security offices.

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