Jeddah City, what you want to know about…

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This article is about Jeddah City. This city is one of the most popular city in Saudi Arabia. This city is the opening of Saudi Arabia from outside the kingdom. This city is special because of its name and history.

16 Masjid Fatimah Masjid Apung Jeddah

Jeddah City

For you who want to live in Jeddah, here is the basic data that you might want to know. Check this out :

Location :
West of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea coast between the latitudes (29.21) and east longitude (39.7)north.

Area :

Population :
Approximately 4 millions

Weather :
Jeddah features an arid climate unlike other Saudi Arabian cities. Summer temperatures are hot, which can be 42-48 Celcius, but 26 Celcius in winter. The temperatures for the comming months (February – January) range between 29.1 and 33.6.

Language :
Arabic is the official language ; however English is also used in some companies and and private transaction.

Administrative Region
This city is affiliated to Makkah Region

Airport :
King Abdul Aziz International Airport

Holidays :
Most governmental departments and private sectors close their offices in Fridays and Saturdays. The public holidays are the two Eids and the national day.

Official Working Hours :
8/9 a.m. – 4/5 p.m.
Some have half working day on Thursday (8/9 a.m. – 1/2 p.m.)

Shopping Hours :
From (10) a.m. at day shift to (2) p.m. – from (5) p.m. to (11) p.m. at night shift.

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11 Responses

  1. toso says:

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
    P’ Harbun…
    In next few days during school break and hajj days off, we plan to visit Jeddah City. Presently we are living in Jubail City, eastern province of KSA. It may take more than 1,500 km driving to be there. It’s even more than distance travelling from Cilegon Banten to Bali.
    Appreciate if you may give us recommendation places, attractions, activities that could be enjoyed during our visit.
    Indonesia restoran has been noted and derived from your blog as well that is Restoran Betawi.. please share if you have more indonesia restoran options, GPS coordinate will bear our hand to reach destination.
    We are family with three children plan to stay in city only in two nights as rest days have been allocated to visit Madinah and Makah.

    • abu Nova says:

      below recommendation, attractions, activities places in Jeddah ..

      1. masjid apung
      2. masjid Qishosh
      3. museum kota tua
      4. balad corniche – city center / shoping
      5. king fahd water fountain – al hamra
      6. obhur beach
      7. Haraz Sawarikh – tanah abang at KSA :)
      8. garuda, bakso mang oedin & rasela resto (balad corniche)
      9. etc …

      may those places popular in Jeddah for Indonesian.

      enjoy !

    • Thanks, Mr. Abu Nova…
      This is an excelent recommendation..

    • toso says:

      Thx for your prompt respond fellas… Abu Nouva & Pak Harbun.
      Salam Kenal dari Jubail.
      Seem all above lists are interesting and sure it was as it came from those natives Jeddah. BTW where are those places are exactly resides as we really have no idea about Jeddah City. Makah and Madinah has been visited in several times but not to Jeddah. How can we reach all those above in list I mean to say is driving direction?
      Are those available in GPS point of interest library? Kindly if you could name to a few coordinate point in which are highest recommended. Haraz Sawarikh – tanah abang at KSA & Garuda, bakso mang oedin seem to put on top of the recommendation.

    • It’s nice to meet you here, Mr. Toso.

      Haraz Sawarikh, I think Mr. Abu Nova can answer this.
      Garuda, Bakso Mang Udin and Rasela are approximately on (21.485807, 39.182168) along with Balad Corniche (Corniche Commercial Center)
      Old Town Moseum is on (21.489246, 39.185987)
      Masjid Qishash is on (21.492221, 39.185902)
      Masjid Fatimah (Masjid Apung) is on (21.648771, 39.100821)
      King Fahd Fountain is seen from (21.519081, 39.152690)

      I hope these coordinates useful for you,..

    • abu Nova says:

      haraz sawarikh

      3388، حي المحجر، Jeddah 22425 6484, Saudi Arabia,+Saudi+Arabia%E2%80%AD/@21.414072,39.2070771,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x15c3c90835bc4abb:0x844ad0021e289ed2


      It’s wonderful market place in jeddah, you can find great price just 10 SR for new thob or 2 SR for used thob. haraz Sawarikh is complete market for various goods. like electronic, house hold, textile, food etc …

      also,… you will find Europe class till china class product :D

      last week I bought electric iron by kenwood brand with 35 SR only !
      bushnell air riffle 40 x 70 telescope just 25 SR !

      it’s new ! ..

      but, …

      you must good bidder. feel different as Indonesian guy !


    • Wow,
      I have to go there soon,..

    • Mr. Toso, a reply from Mr. Abu Nova is a good reference…
      I wish you and your family a good trip…

  2. toso says:

    Let’s give them a try…. Buying the stuff and household is not in our initial plan actually.. however my appetite for exploring new places and that what makes travelling is fantastic.
    To my humble opinion.. travelling is the most precious investment I can make in our development especially to our kids. My kidos will learn to be flexible and adapt to new environments. Meeting new people will make our travel more much memorable too…
    Terima kasih P’ Harbun… Juga Abu Nova…

  3. Thank You
    Masjid Apung is my favourite place when waiting to boarding in King Abdul Aziz Airport

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