Jeddah Folk Arts : Mizmar, Simsimyah, Majas and Yanba’wy

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Jeddah has it’s unique cultural folks arts like Mizmar, Simsimyah, Majias, Kasrat, Qays, Danat and Far’i. A group of distiquished artits were emerged over the last two decades like :

  • Mohammad Abdouh
  • Abbadi Jawhar
  • Talal Maddah
  • Abu Siraj
  • Jazira
  • Abu Hilal

Mizmar :
Mizmar is one of the folk arts not only in Jeddah but also in all cities of Hijaz. It’s being played in dancing and singing and is combined with drums. Participants is circled around a flame and the dancers revolving in regular duality bearing rough sticks and all of them chanting what called Almawal.

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Simsimyah :
Marine singin is widespread along the red sea coast. This type of singing is combined with playing on a musical instrument called Simsimyah, a simple string instrument, with some drums. It features fast rhythm in line with the movements of mariners. Such singing focuses on talking to the sea, homesickness and yearning to the family.

Majas :
Majas is one of the Hijaz folk songs and became popular in different regions of Hijaz specifically Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah. This sung with two, four or seven verses. Majas is used in different regular and religious chanting. Recently, it is linked with cultural occasions, commendation and marriage singing.

Yanba’wy :
The popular coastal singing closely linked with marine singing and dancing. It is being played on Hijazi Simsimyah. There are certain similarities between the folk arts of Jeddah and Egyptian coast as it includes Yanba’wy song, and it has different features than the Egyptian “mawal”, and is free from the templates of Hijazi “Mawal”.

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