Kindergarten in Saudi Arabia

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If you are living in Saudi Arabia and you have a child that should go to kindergarten, here is the list of kindergarten in Saudi Arabia. The list contains kindergarten in Saudi Arabia especially in Jeddah, Riyadh, Taif etc. Check the information below for the details and contacts.

Kindergarten in Saudi Arabia

Al Saqeer Modern International School
Location: Al Mathnah, Taif
Tel: 02 736 7055

Saud International School
Location: Al Olaya, near Al Jazirah supermarket, Riyadh
Tel: 966 463 1276

Al Ameen British Islamic School
Location: Nr An Nahrwani street, off King Faud Road, Al Olaya, Riyadh
Tel: 0530208907
Tel: + 966 1 4649666

Saudi Arabian Multinational School
Location: Al Barkah x 7, Al Falah District, Othman Bin Affah Main Road, Riyadh
Tel: +966 1 2751751

Tariba Pre School
Location: Al Rahmaniyya, King Fahd Road behind Tolan Park
Tel: +966 534 998 000

Atyab Kindergarten
Location: Al-Malaz District, Malaz
Tel: + 966 11 473 0975

Bright Minds Pre-School
Location: Ameer Sultan Road, Jeddah
Tel: +966 506 62059

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Childhood Kindergarten
Location: Al Oreija District
Tel: +966 11 432 0303

Dreams Kindergarten
Location: Al-Olayya District Ulaya, Olaya
Tel: +966 1 462 2253

Al Meawia National Kindergarten
Location: Al Malaz District Zayed Ibn al-Khattab Street, Al Malaz
Tel: +966 11 473 3500

Future Experts Kindergarten
Location: Khalidiah District, Prince Sultan Street
Tel: +966 12 606 1500

Motherhood Day Care
Location: Qays Ibn Jarwan, Jeddah
Tel: 0126031004

kindergarten in saudi arabia

Do you find the information above useful for you? The list of Kindergarten in Saudi Arabia above does not list all the kindergartens, but you can at least have reference for starting. We hope that this article useful for you. We hope you children are doing well. Thanks for visiting this website.

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