King Fahd Fountain, Jeddah

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In Jeddah, one of the biggest city in Saudi Arabia, there is a very popular fountain called King Fahd Fountain. It is located in west part of Jeddah, at Red Sea.

King Fahd Fountain

Here’s the location of King Fahd Fountain :

15 King Fahd Fountain Location

The Fountain of King Fahd was named as the highest fountain in the world. The height of the water is 325 meters tall and it’s even higher than Eiffel Tower in Paris. We can see the fountain from almost every place in Jeddah.

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The quantity of the water sprayed from this fountain is 625 litres per second by 375 kilometers per hour speed. It means that it’s like a speed of sport car. The water sprayed above is hit by the wind and it shapes like a flag. When it is happening, it’s so beautiful. Here’s the picture of the Fountain of King Fahd at night :

15 King Fahd Fountain at night

King Fahd Fountain is sprayed everyday from after ashar sholat time until around midnight. At Night we can see it with the light, it’s even more beautiful than when we saw it in afternoon.

This King Fahd Fountain was built in 1980. It was operated 20 years after. Now, this fountain is the icon of Jeddah. Everyone living in Jeddah is proud to have this fountain in the city.

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