Fun Tips How to Lose Weight Fast

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68 lose weight fast

Having a big body weight, sometimes makes our feel/mood not good. Big body weight means bad shape. That’s why so many people want to lose weight fast, as fast as they can.

To lose weight fast, you can do this following things :

1. Eat only what you need
Don’t eat until you are full, but eat until you are not hungry. This is the basic thing you must put in mind.

2. Do some sports
I like running. Almost everyday, I run at least 2 miles. This makes my body burns. I can feel it. To prove that the body burns, you can simply put water on your fatty body part, if it turns red, and you feel a little bit itchy, that means it really burns.

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3. Don’t eat before sleep
You must sleep at least 3 hours after your last meal. This will help you burn the fat.

4. Drink Water
Drink only water. It is the best. If you are hungry at times you should not eat, drinking makes you feel satisfied.

5. Do food combining
This really works for me. The most basic thing about food combining is that you should not mix the food you eat carelessly. You can google about this.

Those five things above are not all, but at least you can start with them. I can manage to lose weight fast using those five things, and so can you.

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