Madinah City, What you want to know about,..

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60 Masjid Nabawi, Madinah City by hunafaatravel[dot]com

Madinah is one of the two holy cities in Saudi Arabia. Here is the data that you might want to know about :

Location :
It’s located to the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in two longitude (3639) in the East and two latitudes (2824) in the North. It is 400km away from Makkah al Mukarramah in the eastern north and near to Yanbu Port, 220km to the west.

Area :
Approximately 589km2

Population :
1.3 Millions

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Climate :
Dry climate with high temperatures range between 30C and 45C in the summer and winter temperatures range between 10C and 25C. Rain falls in April. Madinah is elevated 600 – 640 m above the sea level.

Historic and Religious Significance :
Madinah originally known as Yathrib dates back to about 1600 before the hijrah of Prophet Muhammad, then it has become the capital of the emerging Islamic State after Hijrah and it has the tomb of Prophet, which later became part of The Masjid of the Prophet.

Economic Significance :
It has various economic activities like agriculture, livestock, Tomoor (dates) packing

Administrative Region :
It consists of 6 governorates : Yanbu, Ula, Hankyah, Mahd al-Dhahab, Khaybar, Badr

Airport :
It has international airport that serves 18 millions passengers per year

Sights :
Masjid An Nabawi, Al Rawdah Al Shareefa, Baqi’ Tomb, Jabal Uhud, Masjid Quba, Masjid Qiblatain and Jabal Sala’ that has the seven Masjids.

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