Malls in Saudi Arabia

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Malls in Saudi Arabia can be found everywhere in any cities in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will provide you the list of Malls in Saudi Arabia. As a developed country, mall is a kind of proof that Saudi Arabians need a kind of modern life style.

Malls in Saudi Arabia

As conservative as the Saudi Arabian people seem in their culture they are quite extravagant in their shopping and one can buy anything from Carrefour cheese to Haute Couture and everything in between at Saudi shopping malls. The malls are pristine, air conditioned and have a variety of shops that can keep even the choosiest shopper delighted. Expatriates should take care of the dress code in the shopping centers and women should be covered in an Abaya and a Hijab when out and about in a shopping center.

Al Qasr Mall
Location: Suwaidi, Riyadh
Tel: +966 1 451 5600

On 30 June 2013, and under the patronage of his Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Governor of Riyadh, Al-Qasr Mall has been officially inaugurated. A number of high profile, international and regional retailers have leased retail space in Al Qasr mall making it a fashionable place to be.

Sahara Mall
Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, King Fahd, Riyadh

Riyadh Sahara Mall is a shopping mall in the King Fahd Quarter of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It has 180 shops, a supermarket, a children’s playground, eight restaurants, cafeteria, skylights, fountains, waterfalls, gardens etc.

Centria Mall
Location: Olaya St, Al Olaya, Riyadh
Tel: +966 1 2161111
Fax: +966 1 216 1116

As a unique and exclusive shopping platform, Centria has earned its reputation as a pioneering fashion destination. We have been able to stand ourselves out from the indistinguishable crowd of malls, offering internationally acclaimed names not found elsewhere in the Kingdom, an opportunity to showcase their designs. We are proud to host the most modern and reputable brands available in the international market. Our elite tenants and choice of fine-dining eateries have resulted in acquiring a highly-exclusive and privileged customer base.

Euromarche Mall
Location: 8028 At Takhassusi St, Al Ma’thar Alshamali, Riyadh
Tel: +966 1 482 5657

Faisaliah Mall
Location: King Fahd Rd, Al Olaya, Riyadh

The center occupies the space between the High Street to the east and King Fahd Road in the west. And Al Faisaliah Mall consists of 117 replaced a variety of the finest brands in addition to the courtyard of restaurants equipped with everything you need from family restaurants, meetings and a children’s corner. In addition to the amusement park in Al Faisaliah market in the Ground Floor, famous center arrange exhibitions and providing the best services such as free parking.

Kingdom Mall
Location: King Fahad Road, Riyadh
Tel: +966 1 211 2222

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Located in Riyadh city the capital of Saudi Arabia and considered the most luxurious building in the region, highly favored by local and international visitors. A modern marvel, a distinct landmark and an icon that represents Saudi Arabia. Its unique position gave it the advantage of being the best important destination for tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Granada Centre
Location: Ghirnatah, Riyadh
Tel: +966 1 253 4990

Riyadh Gallery
Location: Olaya St, King Fahd, Riyadh
Tel: +966 120 78111

Al Othaim Mall
Location: Al Iskan, Buraidah, Al Qassim
Tel: 012540000

Othaim Mall reflects the feature of modern commercial malls through the establishment of new concepts of shopping and entertainment. To meet the expectations of visitors of all ages, Othaim is characterized by a creativity and innovation touches, where the care and attention to detail in design and implementation phases of construction throughout the mall, earning exceptional aesthetic value

Ar Rass Mall
Location: Al-Qassim Ar Rass
Mall of Arabia
Location: Al Nuzhah Jeddah
Tel: +966 2 612 3100
Fax: +966 2 612 3330

Mall of Arabia Jeddah is a landmark property for Arabian Centres as well as for the city of Jeddah itself. Launched in 2008 it features an impressive mix of anchor stores as well as the leading international, regional and local brands. Supported by modern facilities, high standards and strategic location, Mall of Arabia is the ultimate crowd puller and the ultimate destination in Jeddah

Heraa International Mall
Location: Al Madinah Al Munawarah Rd, An Naim, Jeddah
Jeddah Mall
Location: Al Amir Muhammad Ibn Abdul Aziz, Jeddah

Red Sea Mall
Location: Al Shati, Jeddah
Tel: + 966 2 215 (Customer Service)
Tel: + 966 2 215 1551 (Management)
Tel: + 966 2 215 0301 (Security)

Red Sea Mall, situated on Malek Road in the Northern suburbs of Jeddah, is the largest mixed use mall in Jeddah. The development, with a built area of 242,200 square meters, comprises a mall, 5-star hotel and seven story office building and offers both external and undercover parking areas all of which are linked to the 18 entrances to the mall thus facilitating easy access to the mall no matter where visitors to the mall park.

malls in saudi arabia

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