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This article is about marijuana effects on the body. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about marijuana effects on the body. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

Marijuana Effects on The Body


The quick effects of consuming marijuana are disorientation, rapid heart beat, lack of physical coordination, sometimes can be followed by sleepiness or depression. Some consumers feel anxiety and panic attacks.

Unfortunately, the bad thing does not stop there. Based on some scientific studies, the active element in Marijuana, THC, will stay in the body for weeks or even months.

Marijuana cigarette smoke can contain 50% to 70% more cancer-causing materials than normal tobacco cigarette smoke. One big research study said that even only a single Marijuana joint can cause as huge damage to the lungs as up to five normal cigarettes smoked one after another. Long-time joint smokers tend to suffer from an inflammation of the respiratory tract and bronchitis.

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This kind of drug can disturb more to your physical body health. Some studies in Australia in 2008 linked years of heavy marijuana consumption to brain problems. This fact is backed up by previous research on marijuana long-term effects, that stipulate changes on the brain similar to those that is caused by long-term abuse of other major drugs. Some studies have reported a relationship between psychosis and continued marijuana use.

Marijuana is able to change the sperm cells structure, deforming them. Therefore even tiny amounts of marijuana can make temporary sterility in men. Marijuana consumption can also distract a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Studies report that the mental functions of the people who once smoked a lot of marijuana tend to be down. The THC in Marijuana distract nerve cells in the brain. This is affecting memory.

Marijuana is one of the several drugs that can create abnormal cell division, that causes to severe hereditary defects. A pregnant woman who regularly consumes hashish or marijuana may give birth to a baby prematurely to an underweight, undersized baby. Over the last 10 years many children of marijuana consumers have been born with reduced initiative and lessened abilities to focus and pursue their life goals. Studies also report that prenatal (before birth) use of the drug may create mental abnormalities, in birth defects, and increased risk of leukemia (cancer of the bone marrow) in children.

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