Masjid Fatimah, “The Floating Mosque”, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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There is one very popular Mosque (Masjid) in Jeddah (Red Sea) that always be visited by pilgrims. Its name is Masjid Fatimah (The Mosque of Fatimah). This mosque is visited often by especially Indonesians, Malaysian and Turkish pilgrims.

Masjid Fatimah

Mosque of Fatimah was built in a line between Jeddah and the Red Sea. Half part of the mosque is on top of the sea water. Sometimes, people call it The Floating Mosque.

Built by the fund of a widow whose husband was dead, Masjid Fatimah is really beautiful, if we see it in night, the lighting combined with the night see will amaze everyone seeing it. That’s why people sometimes call this mosque as Masjid Al Rahmah.

Below you can see the location, the pictures and the video of Fatimah Mosque, The Floating Mosque of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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16 Masjid Fatimah Masjid Apung Location

16 Masjid Fatimah Masjid Apung

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