Medium Density Fibreboard (mdf) Wood in Brief Explanation

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What is Medium Density Fibreboard? This kind of wood is made to cover the disadvantages of plywood uses. Usually, plywood is easy to break when we cut it into small pieces. This Medium Density Fibreboard overcomes this problem.

The uses of Medium Density Fibreboard (mdf) are mostly for furnitures : chair, table, cupboard etc. This wood is really easy to cut with ordinary cutter. The stability of its shape after cutting makes Medium Density Fibreboard suitable for most furnitures. Beside, it’s relatively light.

medium density fibreboard wood (mdf wood)

Credit Pict : solusiinteriorDOTcom

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) production is started from colleting small pieces of wood. Some of the pieces are usually from garbage. This small pieces of wood then be screened by magtenic device. This is for clearing, so that there is no nails or screw or other metal materials left on the wood. After the screening, the pieces of small wood will enter a special machine to break them into chips (small chips). The bigger chips will be screened again until the size of all chips are relatively equal. These chips will be boiled (cleaned) in proper temperatures and time. These chips then will be soft. At this condition, the chips will be mixed with the wax. After that, the mix will be pressed in one special process to make board shape. Usually, the board shape will be in International standard, which is 1220x2440mm.

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Medium Density Fibreboard has several weaknesses, they are :

  1. Not waterproof in some parts.
  2. Screw will not be strong in some parts.
  3. Glue will not work properly in flat parts.
  4. Cannot “catch” nails as strong as natural wood.

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