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This article is about MOI Iqama in Saudi Arabia. MOI stands for Ministry of Interior. This ministry is responsible for interior matters in Saudi Arabia. All citizen and expatriates living in Saudi Arabia often check this website to do some activity for MOI iqama check or to know the iqama status. If we want to issue exit visa or exit re-entry visa, we will use this website.

moi iqama

MOI Iqama

MOI Iqama is a resident permit issued by Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia for the expatriates or citizen in Saudi Arabia. This MOI iqama is the basic and most important document in Saudi Arabia. MOI Iqama is a residence and work permit which allows you to stay in Saudi Arabia. This document contains your personal data, including your marital status, nationality, your profession and religion.

Note that you must always be in possession of your Iqama once in Saudi Arabia. This document will be essential when you are completing any formality and if you undergo a police check.

MOI Iqama Procedures

To be eligible for this visa, you must hold a passport valid for at least twelve months with two clear visa pages. You must have an electronic authorization from your Saudi employer if you are going to work in Saudi Arabia.

During your application, you must give a recent passport size and colour photo of you with a white background. The application form must be completed in block letters with black ink or be printed. You will obtain the application at the Saudi embassy or consulate of your region. You can visit the official website of the ministry of Foreign Affairs to locate the nearest Saudian embassy.

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MOI Iqama Expiry Date or Status

We can check our Iqama expiry date in MOI website or simply by following these steps below :

Click HERE.
Then go to “E-Services“.
Then go to “Passports“.
Then go to “Query Iqama Expiry Service“.
Fill in the form, then you will be able to know your Iqama Status

MOI Iqama for Newborn Baby

To get MOI Iqama for newborn baby, follow these steps below :

First Step
Visit, then click “Civil Affairs“, then click “Book an Appointment“. This is to make the appointment with Ahwal Madani. Don’t forget to print the form from MOH (Form 87). You can simply ask the officer from the hospital your kid was born.

Second Step
Get all of the important documents, such as birth certificate from hospital, father and mother iqama copies and father and mother passports. To be safe, please ask the officers in the hospital about this documents, they know better.

Third Step
Go to Ahwal Madani office in town. Don’t forget to bring the documents stated in “second step”, form 87 and “appointment coupon”.
You can get the birth certificate in the same day.

MOI Iqama Nitaqat Status

If you want to know your Nitaqat Iqama Status for Iqama Renewal (Saudi Iqama Status Check), please simply click the link below :


We hope that this information about MOI Iqama is useful for you. If you have any questions about Iqama, you can fill the comment form below. Please subscribe for more article related to MOI Iqama. Thanks for visiting this blog. Have a nice day!

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