How to Pay Exit-Re Entry Visa in Saudi Arabia

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How to pay exit reentry visa in Saudi Arabia? Before answering the question, I want to tell you that as per today, I have been working in Saudi Arabia for almost 5 years (since 2011). I asked for vacations several times. So, I will tell you how to pay exit-re entry visa in Saudi Arabia. This information is quite useful for any expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

How to Pay Exit-Re Entry Visa in Saudi Arabia

There are several ways how to make payment for exit re-entry visa fee through ATM or through Jawazat official offices. It is quite easy to do the payment with the two methods. Here they are :

1. How to pay exit reentry visa at Jawazat Office
You have to go to Jawazat Office nearby your home. There is a special ATM like machine that can help you to do this. Don’t forget to bring Iqama.

2. How to pay exit reentry visa in Saudi Arabia online
I am using Al Ahli Bank service. By that, I can pay the exit-re entry visa easily. I can go to ATM, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. If you have this service, you can simply go to the SADAD menu, then go to “Alien“, after that, select the “Exit-re entry visa“, then pay it directly. I think that this will be the same method with how to pay exit reentry visa in SABB. Basically, all banks in Saudi Arabia have same standard of services.

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The exit reentry visa fee is SAR 200,- per person. So if you your family with you, you have to pay all persons in your responsibility based on MOI Website account information. After the payment is done, you have to log in to your MOI Website account dashboard for confirmation. If it is paid, there will be a notice about the expiry date of the exit reentry visa.

How to Pay Exit-Re Entry Visa in Saudi Arabia

We hope that this information about how to pay exit reentry visa in Saudi Arabia is useful for you. You will not find any problem as long as you follow the steps carefully. Please subscribe for more related articles.

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