Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs ? Follow This Cooking Instruction!

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Boil Eggs Properly Hard Solid Result

Last week, my wife went for Hajj for 7 days. So I remained in home with my lovely daughter, Haniya. Before going to Makkah, My Wife told me that Haniya’s favourite food are perfect hard boiled eggs. So, she told me how to make perfect hard boiled eggs properly.

To make perfect hard boiled eggs, please follow these instructions :

1. Locate the eggs separately.
Do not let the eggs touch each other. Do not boil too many eggs in one bowl. If you do, there will be possibility that the eggs will crash each other. This will lead to cracking.

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2. How long to hard boil eggs ? 10 minutes is enough.
Do not boil eggs more than 10 minutes. Boil the water first until reach the boiling point, then put the eggs into the boiling water for 10 minutes. After this, put the boiled eggs to cold water.

3. Make the eggs temperature normal before boiling.
Usually, people put the egg in the refrigerator. If you do that, after taking the eggs, do not put the eggs to the boiling water directly. Instead, let the cold gone first. This will make the eggs solid.

Sometimes, when people follow some instructions to do something, he or she will fail at the first time. The three ways that are written above are good methods. Maybe, at your first try, you will fail. But do not worry! It is just normal to fail in the first try. When you failed, try and try again. Trying several times will make your way to the perfect hard boiled eggs getting closer. Do not be so narrow minded. If you have done those three methods but failed, ask your friends or neighbors about this. If you struggle seriously, I’m sure you can make perfect hard boiled eggs. I hope this article useful for you.

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