Precast Concrete Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

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This article is about Precast Concrete (PC) in Building Construction. PC is an alternative of building construction that allow the constructor to finish the building faster. There are a lot of advantages to use this type of construction method. In the other side, there are several disadvantages too. This article below will show you what you want to know about it.

What is Precast Concrete?

Precast Concrete is concrete that is casted in a specific dimension and specific shape by a specific design procedure to save time and cost without reducing concrete quality. The basic concept of which is to cast the concrete for specific element (beam or column or slab or others) outside the building. The constructor makes all of the concrete structure ready outside the site, in fabrication area. After all element of concrete structures are finished, the constructor bring them to the site. The constructor then arranges the structures to be a building. So, this is just like playing puzzle game.

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Precast Concrete Advantages :

  1. It has better quality, because it is well controlled in the fabrication area.
  2. Saving time in training the labor, because it is easy to produce.
  3. Construction can be completed in short time.
  4. Saving money for erecting scaffolding in site.
  5. The formwork used to make the structure can be used many times.
  6. Clean construction, good for construction in crowded city.

Precast Concrete Disadvantages :

  1. Transporting, loading and unloading this structure should be very careful.
  2. The design should be very detail for construction on site.
  3. The elements of the structure need special equipment for lifting and moving.
  4. The most cost is from transportation.

erecting precast concrete

Personally, if it is possible then I will choose Precast Concrete Construction. The advantages are greater than the disadvantages. Especially when we are working in the city, like Jeddah. I hope this Precast Concrete article useful for you. If you need more updates, please subscribe.

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