Primavera P6 Calendar (5 Important Things You Have to Know)

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Primavera P6 Calendar is one of the most essential elements in Primavera P6 Project Management Software. The existence of the Primavera P6 Calendar will drive every activity of the project.

In Primavera P6 Calendar, you can set the working time of all employees that are working in the projects. By which, you can have the target about your project. Primavera P6 Calendar help us arranging all activities of the project.

There are several things about Primavera P6 Calendar that we should know :

1. Primavera P6 Calendar are assigned to activities.

This means that in one project, we can have several persons with different professions working at different working time. Project Staffs usually work only 8 hours per day. While Carpenter and the foreman, for example, usually work for 12 hours or even more. In Primavera P6 Calendar, we can manage this at the same time.

2. Primavera P6 Calendar affects everything in the schedule.

If you set the Primavera P6 Calendar different from before, you will find that the working schedule will be changed. This means that setting the calendar in 5 days of working or 6 days of working will be quite different.

3. Primavera P6 Calendar Details of Working Schedule.

In Primavera P6 Calendar, we can set the time : hours of the day, days of the week and the days of the month / year. This means that you can set what hours the employees will work in one day. You can set the days of working in a week. You can set also the working days of the year just in case there are special events in the country.

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4. Primavera P6 Calendar works on resources.

This means that the calendar can be set according to the resources. For example, you have a BackHoe that works only several days before its maintenance schedule. The calendar can be set specially for the BackHoe without disturbing the whole activities. To set this, you will need a “resource dependent” activity type.

5. Primavera P6 Calendar change in future is not a good idea.

This means that in case after you make the schedule for all activity, you will get the finish date of the project. After you change it in the future, the finish date of the project will be different. This can affect all activity. Personally, it is not a good idea. It is better to plan the schedule carefully at the beginning.

Primavera P6 Calendar

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