Primavera P6 Notebook Topics

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Primavera P6 Notebook Topics

00 Primavera P6 notebook topics

Notebook topics can be┬ámade in the Primavera P6 Project Management module, typically by the administrator. You can use notebook topics to share information about an activity, such as the activity’s purpose or instructions for completing the activity.

If you want to work with an activity’s notebook topics, follow these instructions below:

  1. In the Activity Table, right-click on an activity and choose Edit Activity Notebooks.

The Activity Notebooks dialog displays a list of existing notebook topics for the activity, if any.

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  1. In the Activity Notebooks dialog, do any of the following:
  • To assign a notebook topic to the activity, clickAssign notebook topic. Select the notebook topic you want to assign, click Assign, then click Close.
  • To view, add, or edit notes for a topic, double-click in the notebook topic’s Description field, then click the browse button to display a text editor. Add, edit, or delete comments as necessary. When finished, click OK.
  • To remove a notebook topic assignment, select the notebook topic row, then click Delete.

Tip: While the dialog is open, you can continue to select activities in the Activity Table and assign, revise, or remove notebook topics for the activities you select.

  1. Click OK to close the dialog and retain your changes, or click Cancel to close the dialog without retaining your changes.
  2. If you chose to retain your changes, on the Activities toolbar, click Save (Ctrl+S) to save your changes, or click Cancel (Ctrl+Z) to cancel your changes.

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