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This post is about Primavera P6 SDK (Software Development Kit). What is SDK? When you learn about android, SDK is used to develop android apps. SDK is free tools that comes with the Primavera P6 Software when you purchase the license. Basically, SDK will help you to work on Primavera P6 in more practical way. But you need to be advance user to do this. If you have the 100% understanding for Primavera P6 Software, you can do this. If not, you better stay away.

We can use Primavera P6 SDK to develop the software itself. We can make tools that make our job easier and faster. For the developer, here is an extremely helpful Primavera Software Development Kit Programmer’s Guide which is free and online. It will explain the schema in further detail and is a great resource for custom-builds.

Paid-for tools Primavera P6 SDK

These tools don’t necessarily use the SDK as they are finished products built by a team of developers. The integration API, included with EPPM, is a code that allows for P6 to integrate and exchange data with third party applications. Applications that utilize the API typically get a one-to-one integration of information and the systems will tend to speak to and update each other. Sounds easy? It definitely isn’t. Integrations are messy and take hours and hours to complete. Some of these tools will need continuous support as well, because they are more complex than they look or sound. As of 2015, we partnered with a couple of these developers to offer some cool new items:

Legare Primavera P6 SDK – This tool is modular and can provide basic one-to-one mapping from simpler sources (such as excel, MS project, etc.) to more complicated sources (such as JD Edwards, SAP, etc.). It is an extremely powerful product and can help consolidate your bucket loading, especially if you are receiving different data sources.

Project Tracker Primavera P6 SDK – A very user-friendly software that will read your project files (they must be exported outside of the database as it is not integrated with the program) and turn the data into S-curves and graphical analysis. The software can pinpoint data at certain points in your project, filter down to each level, resource, etc. of your project.

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User-built and provided tools Primavera P6 SDK

There is a huge online community out there that have shared and developed tools to help you be a more efficient and streamlined user of P6. However, many of these tools are customized to the person who built them, so they can be hard to use. Programmed excel spreadsheets are the most common ones I have seen and I find it fantastic that there are some generous users out there willing to donate their hours of effort in building these applications to help others in similar dilemmas. Some popular tools that can be found online :

P6XL Bridge – An excel tool that uses the SDK that can help you with massive, complicated data manipulations and changes (similar to Global Changes) without the need for manual data entry if it cannot be done in P6’s native functionalities. There are some tutorials out there that exist to help you use this tool. Such as this one here.

P6 Project Dashboard in Excel – This tool will help you create reports and dashboards in ways that P6’s native reporting capabilities cannot. We all know that the S-curves are very simplistic and from what I’ve seen, some companies will have people built more detailed graphs in excel.

Primavera SDK Tools – Even Oracle has provided some excel spreadsheets to help you with importing data.

Primavera P6 SDK

I hope this article about Primavera P6 SDK (Software Development Kit) useful for you. If you are not an advance user of Primavera P6, I want to remind you to stay away from this. It is not the time yet. But if you want to study it, it is a good idea to have them. So, think about it for yoursleves. For article updates, you simply subcribe by email. Thanks.

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