Primavera P6 vs MS Project

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Primavera P6 vs MS Project. This article is about Primavera P6 vs MS Project. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about Primavera P6 vs MS Project. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

Primavera P6 vs MS Project

Primavera P6 vs MS Project

Primavera P6 and MS project, both of them are good quality project management software, designed for on project planning, controlling and monitoring. Both of those software is used worldwide and they have a lot of unique benefits. There are many differences between the two Project Management Software, some of them are:


In Primavera P6 we are able to make unlimited baselines, but in MS project we are able to make only 11 baselines.

Multiple User Access

Microsoft Project cannot let many multiple users to work on a single project at the same time, Primavera P6 does. In Primavera P6 you are able to specify what kind of features of Primavera a specific user is allowed to use. Microsoft Project Server assists many projects at the one time, but a user locks a project when it is being used.

Issues & Risks

In Primavera P6, we are able to monitor every kind of risks and any kind of issue, but in MS Projects we cannot work on this. We can say that there is a lack of functionality in MS project that it does not track any ongoing issue.

Progress and Status

In Primavera P6 we can access the feature called Progress Spotlight. This Progress Spotlight highlights activity table rows in yellow if they are due any status in the next period (day, week, month, quarter or year). Microsoft Project needs the development of filters to allow for the selection of activities requiring status.

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Web Support

In Primavera P6, any kind of documentation or information can be directly converted to HTML format. Microsoft Project does not have such options.

Custom Fields

Basically, both Primavera P6 and MS Project can work on creating custom fields. The difference comes in the working format. In MS Project, an user has to use complicated formulas for setting their functions and have to add additional values to use it properly; whereas In Primavera user have a blank custom field and do not have any kind of formula there, so user have to enter values manually and have to enter in each row and column.


The Steps feature in Primavera P6 let you be able to create sub-activities (steps) of an activity; effectively a to-do list for discrete progressing. Each step get a weighting that can be used to drive % complete for an activity as the steps are marked off as completed. The additional P6 Step Template let this feature to be used for common processes that appear often among projects. This capability is not available in Microsoft Project.


Primavera P6 has so many editable useful columns, approximately it comes with more than 200 columns installed and each column will give you specific information. Each column has different names like cost, risk, EVM and Budgeting. On the other side, MS project only has 40 columns.


In addition to resource costs, Primavera P6 allows planned, remaining and actual project expenses (training, travel, ODC) to be entered at the activity level. Microsoft Project cannot do this.

Activity Relationships

In Primavera P6, there are multiple relationship types which can be formed between the two activities of the same project, for e.g. If two different activities running at the same time, we can have SS and also FF in these two activities simultaneously. MS Project can only have one activity relationship at once.


Primavera P6 provides the facility to have threaded discussions with other team members from within the tool.

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