Project Management Gantt Chart (Advantages-Disadvantages)

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This article is about Project Management Gantt Chart. We will show you several reasons why you should use Project Management Gantt Chart in the project planning. We will show you also some facts that you should think about using Project Management Gantt Chart. This Project Management Gantt Chart understanding will lead you to more practical project planning.

Project Management Gantt Chart Advantages :

  1. Gantt Chart is really simple.
  2. Gantt Chart can be easily understood by all level in management.
  3. Gantt Chart provides wide and details in scheduling and planning.

Project Management Gantt Chart Disadvantages :

  1. The relationship (sequencing) between activities are not clearly shown.
  2. We could not see the critical lines in Gantt Chart.
  3. If one of the activities is late, it is quite complicated to see the situation of the entire project activities.

However, those Project Management Gantt Chart disadvantages are not quite essential when we are using Project Management Software. In Primavera P6 or Microsoft Office Project, we can see all situations of all activities. The Gantt Chart can be updates easily and automatically. We can add and show the critical lines too. So, it is just perfect to use Primavera P6 and Microsoft Office as Project Management Software. This will help you to plan all of the activities in the project and control them well. I recommend you to use Primavera P6 and Microsoft Office Project.

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Gantt Chart conventional shape is indeed limited in information. The Project Management Gantt Chart can only show the sequence. In the modern project management software, we can see everything that we could not see in the conventional Gantt chart.  This article is to show you the conventional Gantt Chart and the Modern One. Below you can see the difference.

Below are Project Management Gantt Chart Examples :

Modern Gantt Chart example primavera p6.

Modern Gantt Chart example Primavera P6.

Conventional project management Gantt Chart example.

Conventional project management Gantt Chart example.

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