Project Management S Curve

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This article is about Project Management S Curve. If you are working in construction management, you will know that Project Management S Curve is a really important tool. The use of Project Management S Curve is crucial in a Construction Project. An understanding of Project Management S Curve and its analyses will help learners and team members grasp the importance of monitoring the progress and growth of an ongoing project at a specific stage or percentage of completion.

Project Management S Curve model simply makes use of the projected number of man-hours and costs to complete the project vs. the actual number of hours and costs incurred within the same time frame. The proposed time, man-hour and cost data are referred to as the “baseline” data.

project management S curve

What is Project Management S Curve ?

Based on Wideman Comparative Glossary of Common Project Management Terms v2.1 by R. Max Wideman, Project Management S Curve is a display of cumulative costs, labor hours or other quantities plotted against time. The name derives from the S-like shape of the curve, flatter at the beginning and end and steeper in the middle, which is typical of most projects. The beginning represents a slow, deliberate but accelerating start, while the end represents a deceleration as the work runs out.

Types of Project Management S Curve

There are a variety of S-curves that are applicable to project management applications, including:

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  • Man Hours versus Time S-curve.
  • Costs versus Time S-curve.
  • Baseline S-curve.
  • Actual S-curve.
  • Target S-curve.
  • Value and Percentage S-curves.

Based on Planning Plannet, some software scheduling packages automatically generate S-curves. On the other hand, some (including MS Project) do not. In this case, a third party software application is required to process the Baseline and Production Schedule data to generate the required S-curves.

Midori Media’s myPM SCG S-curve Generator is an MS Windows application that integrates with MS Excel to generate the various types of S-curves discussed above. MS Project users will need to export their schedule data to an MS Excel file (easily accomplished using MS Project’s File Save As option). myPM SCG processes the resulting export file, and creates an MS Excel Output file containing the required S-curves. These may be copy-pasted to MS Word for inclusion in Project Progress Reports.

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