Red Spots on Baby Skin, what’s that?

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Generally, parents would be panic seeing red spots on baby skin after fever. This red spots usually come after the baby suffered from fever.

Red Spots on baby

Some doctors might give the baby a kind of antibiotic. After that, on the baby’s skin, there would be red spots. Some doctors would say that this might be because of an allergic to antibiotic. Then the doctor would give the baby anti-allergic medicine. Remember, most doctors are good, nice and accurate.

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Anyway, if this happened, it would be very sad. The baby is just not more than one year and she received so much chemicals to her body. So, be smart and calm down.

This red spots incident is actually named as Roselia Infantum, which is caused by Virus. Generally, this only attacks 6 months – 2 years old babies. When suffering from Roselia Infantum, the baby got fever for several days, then after that the red spots would come.

This red spots are not ichy and not disturbing for the baby. Some babies might feel not convenient, but, generally not.

There is no special medicine for this. All the baby needs is good rest and quality mother breast milk. The red spots will be gone after 1 or 2 days.

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