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Istimara meaning in English is vehicle registration in Saudi Arabia.  This is a very important document to be hold every time we go with our vehicle. If the syurtoh or policemen of Saudi Arabia find out you do not hold your istimara while driving, it will be quite problematic. That is why istimara renewal is really important to be watched carefully.

Below are the pictures of the proof that you have visited fahas for vehicle inspections to renew your istimara:

istimara - failed car inspection form istimara - pass car inspection form

How to renew istimara in Saudi Arabia

Car registration renewal in Saudi Arabia is quite easy. When my car istimara, is about to expire. I got sms from MOI that my car istimara will end on 28 November 2014. This means I should extend it before the given time.

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Do you know how to renew vehicle registration (istimara) in Saudi Arabia? I know. hahaha. Yes, I just did it. But before I go further, I want you to know that my car is being paid on credit by bank Al Ahli.

Please read carefully these steps :

1. Prepare your car
This means you have to repair your car if you find any broken parts. I suggest you to send your car to maintenance workshop before vehicle registration renewal.

2. Go to Fahas Daury
What is Fahas meaning? Fahas is the place for vehicle inspection as a requirement to renew vehicle registration in Saudi Arabia. You can find Fahas Jeddah in Disrict Bawadi. In other cities, I don’t know. Surely, you can ask any Saudi Arabian nearby, they must know about Fahas Daury.

3. Pass the inspection in Fahas Daury
If you failed, you have to go to maintenance workshop to repair things, then go again to Fahas Daury.

4. If you pass the inspection
You will get a special form that state that your car is passed.

5. Go to Bank Al Ahli (or any institution you paid the car from)
Give your Car Inspection Result and old vehicle registration to the officer. You will have to wait for 1 week, approximately.

6. Done.

By the way, you can check fahas validity online by visiting Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia Website : There you will find it easy to understand. To access the website, you should register online first.

I hope this article useful for you.

3 Responses

  1. You need to have valid Istamara (Vehicle Registration) to drive that vehicle in Saudi Arabia. Driving vehicle without Istamara is a big risk. Procedure to renew Istamara has become very simple now days.

    • armosh55 says:

      I bought a car from a Saudi Nation. I paid him complete amount of the car. He write and confirm receipt of full amount against the car, on a piece of paper. He handed over his car and the vehicle’s registration (in his name) to me as well.

      He take another SR 1500 from me to change the ownership to my name. Eid holidays came in between that I wait. Still he is saying that it will take another two weeks for changing the ownership and insurance etc.

      Please advise how long it take to change the ownership and whether I can use / drive his this car by that time?

    • When I did this, It took approximately only 1-2 days, one bank manager helped me.

      As far as I know, the normal time should not be more than 1 week only.

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